AZ-Bred Foal Registry

The Arizona Thoroughbred Breeders Association (ATBA) is an agent of the State assigned to authenticate Arizona-Breds. ATBA has been granted authority for the Arizona-Bred certification as per the Arizona Revised Statute $5-114, as amended to Chapter 238 of the Senate Bill 1475 and signed by the Governor, November 22, 1988. All procedures described in conjunction with this program will be accomplished through the ATBA.

Requirements for Arizona-Bred Certification:

1. Broodmare Registry:

The foal’s dam must have been entered into the AZ Broodmare registry. (please, link to broodmare registry)

2. Foaling location:

The mare must foal in the state of Arizona for that foal to be eligible for Arizona-Bred certification

3. Residency:

The foal must remain in the state of Arizona for six (6) months out of the first year of his/her life. This is subject to verification.

4. Application:

A certification application must be completed and signed by all breeders listed on the foal’s Jockey Club registration papers before a Notary Public. (please, link to respective printable form).

5. Official Seal:

The foal’s original Jockey Club registration papers must be submitted to the ATBA and stamped with the Official Seal.

  • If applied for certification by September 30th of the foal’s yearling year: $45
  • If applied for certification by December 31st of the foal’s yearling year: $68
  • If applied for certification thereafter: $150
Verification Procedures:

An agent of the ATBA will verify all information by phone, field inspection, or by documentation submitted by the breeder and/or owner of the foal. Health certificates, bills for veterinary or farrier services, affidavits, etc, may have to be required to ascertain that the residency requirement has been met.

As a service for breeders and owners, the ATBA verifies all Arizona-Breds that are entered for each race at Turf Paradise race track. The Horsemen’s Bookkeeper is notified of any change of status regarding a horse’s certification, thus ensuring the eligibility for awards distribution to the breeder and/or owner of all certified Arizona-Breds.