AZ Champions

Arizona-bred Champion Two-Year Old Filly of 2013 and 2012 ATBA Sale Arizona-bred leading filly earner

Lazy Daisy May (Rocky Bar – Against the Law)
  • Breeder: John Campo III
  • Owner: Stable H.M.A.
  • Trainer: Molly J. Pearson
Lazy Daisy May

Left to Right: Angelena Felipe, Jan Osborn, John Campo III, Stacy Campo, Dennis Miller

Arizona-bred Champion Two-Year Old Male of 2013 and 2012 ATBA Sale Arizona-bred leading colt earner

Lawly’s Goal (Lucky Pulpit – Final Jeopardy)
  • Breeders: Fleming Thoroughbred Farm LLC & Dr. Dorothee Kieckhefer
  • Owner: Mark D. Breen
  • Trainer: Kevin Eikleberry
Lawly's Goal

Left to Right: Lee Vaughn, Dominick Cirone, Dr. Dorothee Kieckhefer, Shawn Haggstrom, Kevin Eikleberry, Filippo Santoro, Marvin Fleming, Wende Macumber

Arizona-bred Champion Three-Year Old Filly of 2013

Tribal Gal (Tribal Rule – Famous Gal)
  • Breeder/Owner: John Pendergast
  • Trainer: Joseph Johnson
Tribal Gal

Left to Right: Mike Chambers, John Pendergast, Judy Pendergast, Lindsay Vandever, Kevin Owens, Debbi Owens

Arizona-bred Champion Three-Year Old Male of 2013

Red Zeus (Red Sky’s – Crimson Cricket)
  • Breeder: Dick and Peggy Hopwood
  • Owner: Peggy Hopwood
  • Trainer: Dan McFarlane
Red Zeus

Left to Right: Marvin Fleming, Peggy Hopwood, Jan Osborn, Dan McFarlane, Judy McFarlane

Arizona-bred Champion Older Female of 2013

Lady Jila (Jila – Papparratzi)
  • Breeder\Owner: Michael J. Barro
  • Trainer: Sharlot Martinez
Lady Jila

Left to Right: Lee Vaughn, O.A. Martinez, Sharlot Martinez, Ron Chappell

Arizona-bred Champion Older Male of 2013

Hadfunlastnight (Margie’s Wildcat – Elkmont)
  • Breeder: Hal Snowden Jr.
  • Owner: W.C. Racing, Russ Sarno and Westside
  • Trainer: Doug O’Neill

Left to Right: Mike Chambers, Katie Arms, Landon Sorgenstein, Wende Macumber, Dennis Miller

2013 Stallion of the Year

Margie’s Wildcat (Storm Cat – Hollywood Wildcat)
  • Owner: Fleming Thoroughbred Farm LLC
Margie's Wildcat

Left to Right: Wende Macumber, Jodi Fleming, Marvin Fleming, John Campo III

2013 Broodmare of the Year

Famous Gal (Western Fame – Golden Josselin)
  • Owner: John and Judy Pendergast
Famous Gal

Left to Right: Lee Vaughn, John Pendergast, Judy Pendergast, Lindsay Vandever

2013 Breeder of the Year

Triple AAA Ranch
Triple AAA Ranch

Left to Right, Marissa Owens, Shauna Owens, Filippo Santoro, Debbi Owens, Jennifer Owens, Wyatt Owens

2013 Julep Cup

Lee Vaughn
Julep Cup

Left to Right: Kevin Owens, Lee Vaughn, Brian Calvert, Alexia Jo Calvert, Wende Macumber