AZ Champions

Arizona-bred Champion Two-Year Old Filly of 2017 and 2016 ATBA Sale Arizona-bred leading filly earner

Foggia (Rocky Bar – Yan Yan)
  • Breeder: Filippo Santoro
  • Owner: Sawyer Cattle Company
  • Trainer: Dan McFarlane

Left to Right: Judy McFarlane, Dan McFarlane, Mike Barro, Filippo Santoro, Jan Osborn, Robin, Bill Sawyer, Ron Allen

Arizona-bred Champion Two-Year Old Male of 2017 and 2016 ATBA Sale Arizona-bred leading colt earner

Fortified Effort (Ez Effort – Shaky Canyon)
  • Breeder: Fleming Thoroughbred Farm, LLC
  • Owners: Eikleberry, Yother, Matthews & Fleming
  • Trainer: Kevin Eikleberry
Fortified Effort

Left to Right: Candy Ammarito, J. Lloyd Yother, Filippo Santoro, Pam Eikleberry, Tosch Keshian, Marvin Fleming, Bill Matthews, Kevin Eikleberry, Scott Rollins, Wende Macumber

Arizona-bred Champion Three-Year Old Filly of 2017

Love Winning (Tapizar – Ashley’s Glory)
  • Breeder: H & E Ranch
  • Owner: Sauci Belvoir & Stuart Tsujimoto
  • Trainer: Vann Belvoir
Love Winning

Left to Right: Hollie Crim, Marvin Fleming, Elena Crim, Tosch Keshian, Molly Pearson (accepting for the Belvoirs and Stuart Tsujimoto), Bill Matthews

Arizona-bred Champion Three-Year Old Male of 2017

Tavasco Road (Tavasco – Romantic Road)
  • Breeder: Harry & Cheryl Keshian
  • Owner: Curt & Lila Lanning
  • Trainer: Ed Moger, Jr.
Tavasco Road

Left to Right: Filippo Santoro, Donna Hjort and John Mopesco (accepting for Curt and Lila Lanning and Ed Moger Jr), Ron Allen, Tosch Keshian, Mike Barro

Arizona-bred Champion Older Female of 2017

Bar Scene (Rocky Bar – Jungle Girl)
  • Breeder\Owner: Triple AAA Ranch
  • Trainer: Philip Oviedo
Bar Scene

Left to Right: Pat Oviedo (accepting for Philip Oviedo), Marvin Fleming, Tosch Keshian, and Cathy Cologna (accepting for Triple AAA Ranch)

Arizona-bred Champion Older Male of 2017

J R Jellybean (Distorted Reality – Papa’ssarahlin)
  • Breeder: James Taplin
  • Owner: Ten Strike Racing
  • Trainer: Juan Guerrero
J R Jellybean

Left to Right: Jan Osborn, Scott Rollins, Brent Finegan (accepting for Ten Strike Racing), Wende Macumber

2017 Stallion of the Year

Rocky Bar (In Excess – To the Post)
  • Owner: Triple AAA Ranch
Rocky Bar

Left to Right: Cathy Cologna (accepting for Triple AAA Ranch)

2017 Broodmare of the Year

Shaky Canyon (Gulch – Carr Shaker)
  • Owner: Fleming Thoroughbred Farm, LLC
Shaky Canyon

Left to Right: Bill Matthews, Marvin Fleming, Wende Macumber

2017 Breeder of the Year

Fleming Thoroughbred Farm, LLC
Fleming Thoroughbred Farm, LLC

Left to Right, Filippo Santoro, Debbie Fleming, Bill Matthews, Marvin Fleming, Jodie Fleming, Wende Macumber, Tosch Keshian, Scott Rollins, Ron Allen, Jan Osborn

2017 Julep Cup

J. Lloyd Yother
Julep Cup

Left to Right: J. Lloyd Yother and Wende Macumber